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  • Rubber Flooring
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  • Home Gym Flooring
  • Commercial Gym Flooring
  • Rubber Underlayment
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    About Us

    We started RubberFlooring4U because we knew that we could provide the best pricing, lead time, customer service, and overall customer experience in the rubber flooring sector. We take pride in delivering to our customer top quality rubber flooring. We work very closely with our manufacturer to ensure that you, the customer, are being taken care of. We also embrace the fact that we are helping to do our part in diverting millions of tires from landfills here in the U.S.A. We also are thankful that we can create employment for our hard working employees. That is something to be proud of, Made in the U.S.A. proud.

    Helping Community

    Community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Here at RubberFlooring4U, we are committed to creating a culture that embraces the core values of America. We strive to be a soultion in keep our planet green and healthy. Our culture is what helps bind everyone together as one community.

    Our Mission

    Producing environmentally friendly rubber products & keeping our community clean & green

    Our Mission is simple, turn waste into usable products that help improve people's lives and help the environment by recycling a very hard to recycle waste, tires. Waste tires that are dumped harm the environment and our waterways are we what we use to create great products for our customers. We take care of that and provide you the products that you need.

    Producing environmentally friendly rubber products & keeping out community clean & green >>

    Our Vision

    We Provide the Best Quality Rubber Products & 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee with 0% Waste

    Our vision is simply take care of our customer, this means you. We are customer first company, the best products and provide the quickest shipping possible for our customers.

    We Provide the Best Quality Rubber Products & 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee with 0% Waste >>

    Working on the trust we have earned with world’s most trusted tire brands…

    We help tire manufacturers with post-industrial waste tires find an avenue to make sure those tires stay out of landfills. Being eco-friendly is a big part of what we do and we will always work this way.


    Our PVC and Polypropylen tiles are a great option for your garage. RubberFlooring4U’s Automotive flooring is super durable and easy to clean and maintain.

    This type of flooring creates a protective barrier between the feet and lower abdomen of the dog and the hard surface below. This will protect your dog and keep them comfortable.

    You can use just about any flooring in your basement, it will depend on the use. Rubber flooring from is easy to install, and provides a great cushion for cold, hard, concrete floors. We offer a great line of designer tiles too.

    Rubber rolls are the best option because they can be installed almost seamlessly. And when it comes to thickness, 8mm works perfectly and is still very cost effective.

    Rubber gym floor tiles are the most popular home weight room flooring options. One of the main reasons our floor tiles are so popular is it's cost efficiency, you can cover you home gym floor at the fraction of the cost of other products. These tiles are durable, easy to install, and shock absorbent.

    Rubber rolls are hands down the best option for commercial gyms. One of the main reasons is because they are easy to install in large areas. These rolls are extremely durable and shock absorbent, and can handle any workout.

    The best flooring depends on a lot of factors. For instance, how many people will be using your gym? For most home and business locations, interlocked tiles are thick, durable, slip-resistant, and easy to install.

    It’s important to pick a floor that can protect both your joints and your subfloor.Rubber gym floor tiles are, by far, the best of both worlds. They are also easy to install and affordable.

    Rubber flooring is very durable! The rubber is designed to stand up to everything from heavy workouts where heavy barbells are being slammed on the ground to heavy traffic areas with hundreds of people walking through. When it comes to choosing a more durable rubber flooring option, you’ll want to make sure you look for a rubber that is high with density. A low dense rubber can easily be ripped apart in high traffic areas. So, while rubber flooring is extremely durable, you also have to make sure you choose the correct thickness for your needs.

    First, make sure you’ve removed all the dog beds, blankets, etc., and wash them in hot water. You’ll also want to wash and disinfect dog bowls and toys. Next, remove your flooring so you can access both sides of the rubber flooring and the subfloor. You’ll want to move it outside when you do this. After you get the flooring and mats outside, you’ll want to spray them with the disinfectant and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Be sure you do both sides and leave the flooring outside to dry.

    Yes. A study from "Remodeling Online" found that remodeling your basement will increase the value of your home by 73.9%.

    Yes, you can, but Rubber flooring is a better option and it'll sit over the low pyle carpet without sliding.

    All of’s garage floors can be installed directly on concrete, but the use of an underlayment is great for noise reduction and insulation.

    8mm is the most popular thickness for home gyms, but you’ll want to get at least 3/8” if you plan on doing CrossFit workouts or 3/4" for Olympic style lifting.

    When picking out the flooring for your weight room, you should consider what type of equipment you’ll need in your gym and what type of lifting you’ll be doing. The experts at Rubber Flooring 4U say any 3/8" rubber is a great size to start at. If you need help we can help you through the decision process.

    The thickness of your flooring will all depend on what you plan on doing inside of your gym. 3/8” is the most popular thickness to use. However, if you plan on having heavyweights dropped on your floor on a regular basis, then you may want to go with a thicker flooring, like the 3/4”. Feel free to contatact one of our sales representative.

    CrossFit rubber flooring tiles provide excellent shock absorption and will absorb sound. You may also wish to add some soundproofing panels if you have higher ceilings.

    First, you’ll want to sweep and clean the area to remove any debris. Next, you’ll roll out the mat. You can get rid of any excess by using a utility knife. Then, you’ll lay the mats together over a seam or center strip.

    One of the great things about gym mats is that they are extremely versatile. You can use them in several places, including free weight areas, underneath machines, or for floor exercises.

    Honestly, you can use rubber flooring just about anywhere. You see rubber flooring on playgrounds, gym floors, ice skating rinks, locker rooms, dog kennels, and more. It’s an extremely versatile flooring that has been designed to withstand tough conditions.

    Yes, rubber flooring is water-resistant. That’s another reason it’s so popular in ice rinks and basements. You can seal your floor for extra water protection.

    Aerobic flooring from Rubber Flooring 4U is very easy to keep clean. To clean the flooring area, simply use a mild cleaner like water and dish soap, or water and a damp mop.

    Garage tiles are extremely durable, but you also have to take care of them in order for them to stay in tip-top shape. If they are cleaned regularly, checked for repairs, and repaired when needed, then your tiles could last ten or more years!

    It is important to determine who will be using it and the activities that will be done on this mat. Consider hardness, size, and expansion possibilities.

    A expert is always happy to help with an estimate based on the exact type of flooring and area that you need. However, for your own calculations, rolls are the cheaper flooring option.

    Rubber flooring is not waterproof, and should not be used as a means of waterproofing. A proper waterproof basement floor starts with the subfloors and the construction of the home or area. We suggest consulting a licensed professional for waterproofing.

    If all you have is a weight bench a 3/8" mat will be fine. The great thing about tiles is you can allways expand your area any time you wish, just call and order more.

    4'x 10' Gym mats are a good way to cover a large area easly. However, rubber rolls can be custom cut to fit the area. At 4 foot wide and a max of 100 feel long, a lot of customers choose this option for big jobs. You'll be able to install this easily and do it yourself.

    Rubber flooring is extremely easy to care for. All you have to do is vacuum the floor or sweep it on a regular basis to keep dirt and debris off of it. You can also give it a deeper cleaning by using a damp mop, and a cleaner made up of mild soap and water.

    This really depends on how often the mats are used, what they are used for, and if they are in a commercial environment or not. It’s a good idea to sweep off dirt, sand, and other debris anytime you see it on the floor and wipe up any spills or sweat with a mild household cleaner. You can mop the mats weekly or bi-weekly to keep them in top shape.

    Foam, cushioned artificial turf, and rubber are all great flooring options for dog agility.

    If you have light-colored flooring, staining may sometimes be caused by street tar or performance tires. To prevent this, most people use "Stop-lok" in the parking area (for use in the Lok line of products) or black tiles under the tires where the car will be parked.

    Most commercial gym flooring can range in price from $5.73sqft. to $10.50/sqft!, but at we offer the same commercial grade flooring at a fraction of the cost. It all depends on the type of flooring and the thickness you need for your gym. You can't go wrong with's Price Match Guarantee!

    The thickness depends on what type of exercises you’ll be doing or what type of equipment you’ll have. In general, the heavier the weights, the thicker the flooring should be. 8mm is the most popular thickness for home gyms, but if you plan on doing Crossfit workouts or Olympic lifting or any training that'll create shock to the floor, then you’ll want to go to at least 3/8 thick.

    Our rubber is made from 100% USA Sourced Material, that consist of recycled Tire-Derived Crumb rubber, rubber with color flecks have virgin EPDM rubber. When you buy rubber mats from us, you’re keeping thousands of tires out of the landfill.

    Yes! Different flooring serves different exercises. So, you’ll want to take into consideration the size, texture, and installation methods depending on the exercises you will be doing.

    It’s hard to give an exact price without knowing what thickness of flooring you’re getting and the exact size of the area that you will be covering. However, the most popular gym flooring options typically cost between $1.50 sqft. to $3.50 sqft.

    The price of rubber flooring will vary depending on what type of flooring you need. It ranges from $1/sqft, all the way up to $18/sqft. The price range is so wide because it depends on the type of flooring. The good news, rubber flooring is DIY-friendly, so you keep costs down by not having it installed. You’re basically just paying for the materials and the shipping.

    Yes, they can!’s tiles are so durable, they can withstand the use of a power washer on them.

    Make sure you have a sharp utility knife, a straight edge, a tape measure, and a pen. Measure the area and remember: "Measure twice, cut once" Use the pen to mark where you need to cut. Using the straight edge, score the mat with the utility knife, allowing the cut to open. Keep making passes in that cut till through the rubber. NOTE: If a mat is cut or trimed the unit will not be accepted for return refer to our Return Policy page for more info.

    Yes, you can! Rubber flooring can easily lay over a low-pile carpet. (Low pile carpet has short fibers that look and feel flat and dense) The carpet under would also act as a shock absorant, so an even more efficient gym floor.

    This depends on the types of exercises you will be doing. For sit-ups, you’ll want to make sure your mat is large enough to support the body from the tailbone to the head.

    Vacuum or sweep your home gym flooring mats, tiles, and rolls on a regular basis. When you need a deeper clean, you can use a damp mop and mild cleaner.

    Our experts recommend that you sweep away any dirt, dust, and debris using a push broom. You can spray down the area with a hose or mop it using mild soap.

    Absolutely! Rubber flooring is made from recycled rubber. And our rubber flooring is manufactured right here in America, which also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions with transporting. So, by purchasing rubber flooring, you’re helping to keep millions of tires out of landfills in the U.S.A.

    Rubber flooring is specifically designed to take a beating! It is durable enough to stand up to heavy workouts and high-traffic areas. This material is made to be dense, which means it is super tough and durable.

    The popular flooring that is used in most gyms is the 3/8” Heavy Duty Rubber Roll. Rolls are extremely easy to install in large spaces and the 3/8” thickness provides enough durability and shock absorbency that you need for most exercises. However, this thickness doesn’t work for every exercise type. Depending on what you plan on doing on your floor, you may need to have a different thickness.

    The thickness of your flooring depends on what type of exercises you plan on doing. If you plan on doing heavy weightlifting, then you will want to go with a tile that’s at least 3/8”. If you think you’ll do just do floor exercises and lightweights, then a thinner mat will work perfectly for home workouts.

    Yes, it is! You’ll be able to easily wipe up spilled liquids and sweat.

    The thicker the rubber, the more protection you’ll have for your subfloor. A good starting thickness is 3/8". It's the most common thicknees in gyms across amarica.