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    How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again

    How To Make Rubber Flooring Mats Black Again

    This blog post offers a comprehensive guide on rejuvenating faded or discolored rubber floor mats, explaining both the causes of fading and the steps to make them black again. Rubber mats often fade due to a variety of factors including UV exposure, oxidation, chemical exposure, abrasion, temperature fluctuations, and natural aging. To restore their original appearance, a 7-step process is recommended. The post also underscores the importance of investing in high-quality rubber mats, noting that they can last between 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance.

    How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again

    Rubber floor mats are useful in many different settings including gyms and fitness centers, outdoor playgrounds, retail stores, dance studios, manufacturing plants, and more. The versatility of rubber floor mats makes them an excellent flooring choice for various industries.

    However, with the use of rubber floor mats comes the potential for natural wear and tear. Black weather mats may also become discolored or faded with age.

    If you have discolored or faded mats and are wondering how to make rubber floor mats black again, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will outline different approaches and practical solutions to rejuvenating your rubber mats.

    Read on to learn why all-weather mats fade and discover several pro tips on how to make your faded rubber floor mats look as good as new.

    Why Do Rubber Floor Mats Fade?

    There are various environmental factors that can cause rubber mats to fade over time. Here are the most common reasons why rubber floor mats fade or become discolored.

    UV Exposure

    Most rubber is sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Prolonged sun exposure can break down the chemical structure of rubber, causing it to lose its color and appear faded. This is especially common for outdoor rubber mats or mats placed in areas with significant sun exposure.


    Over time, rubber can undergo a process called oxidation, which occurs when it reacts with oxygen in the air. This process can lead to a change in the rubber's appearance and may make it look dull or discolored.

    Chemical Exposure

    Different chemicals and substances, such as cleaning agents, oils, and solvents can react with rubber floor mats and cause color changes.


    Constant friction or foot traffic on rubber mats can gradually wear down the surface and cause the color to fade. This is especially common for mats in high-traffic areas such as gyms or fitness centers.

    Temperature Fluctuations

    Extreme temperature fluctuations, particularly in regions with harsh winters and hot summers, can cause rubber to expand and contract. This repeated expansion and contraction can lead to the breakdown of the rubber's surface and in turn cause cracking and affect its color.


    Rubber materials naturally deteriorate with age, which can result in fading as part of the overall wear and tear.

    How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again: 7 Steps for Success

    Unfortunately, you can't run your rubber mats through a car wash; however, whether you are the owner or operator of a gym, want to clean your rubber car mats, or have black rubber floor mats installed in your home garage, you have cleaning options. Unlike more wear-prone carpeted floor mats, there are several steps you can take to make your rubber mats black again.

    1. Lift the Mat and Take it Outside

    If you are able to, it is best to lift up your rubber floor mat and bring it outside for the cleaning process. This will ensure no water or cleaning supplies are sprayed on other objects in the space where your mat is located. A driveway or sidewalk is typically an ideal location to clean rubber floor mats. Most all weather floor mats can be rolled up or picked up piece by piece for easy transportation.

    2. Spray Down the Mat

    Next, place the mat on the ground and use a garden hose to spray off any loose dirt or debris on the rubber floor mat. This will give you a good, clean base for using a cleaning solution of your choice. Avoid using a pressure washer as it could damage the mat.

    3. Spray the Mat with a Cleaning Solution

    The next step is to use a cleaning solution of your choice. Spray the cleaning solution in an even layer ensuring that the mat is fully covered. There are many different options available for rubber floor mat cleaning.

    The Best Cleaning Solutions for Rubber Floor Mats

    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Rubber mat cleaners
      • WeatherTech TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner/Protector
      • Chemical Guys Floor Mat Cleaner and Protectant
      • Turtle Wax Power Out! Carpet & Mats Cleaner
      • Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser

    Note that, while there are many excellent options for cleaning rubber floor mats, it’s not recommended to use oil-based cleaners. Oil-based products can degrade the rubber, causing it to become discolored, warped, or weakened over time. Rubber is porous and can absorb some of the oil, leading to a breakdown of the material. Avoid using products like dish soap to clean your mats.

    4. Let it Sit, Then Scrub

    Next, you will need to let the cleaning solution dwell for a moment. Be careful not to let the solution dry on the mat, but allow it a moment or two to sink in. Use a soft bristle brush or a damp mop to scrub the cleaning spray into the mat. Be gentle, but apply some pressure to deep clean the rubber floor mat and remove any sunken-in dirt.

    5. Rinse the Mat and Check Your Work

    Once you have thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed the rubber mat, it’s time to rinse the mat with water. Spray the mat with the hose again to remove any excess cleaning spray and dirt particles. Lastly, you will want to check your work. Take a close look at the rubber mat to ensure you didn’t miss any spots and that all dirt or stains have been removed. If you still see dirt present, repeat steps two through five.

    6. Allow the Mat to Dry

    For the best results, allow the mat to air dry. Use a towel to dab excess water and then let it sit undisturbed until it is completely dry. When your mat is dry, it should appear less faded and closer to its original color.

    7. Use a Restorative Protectant Product

    Once you have deep-cleaned your rubber floor mat, we recommend using a restorative protectant product. These interior detailing products are designed to restore shine and color to your mat. Use a microfiber towel or soft cloth to distribute the product evenly and rub in circular motions to shine your mat. Whether your mat is an all-weather floor mat or a foam pad, you should use a protectant.

    The Best (Non-Oil) Restorative Protectant Products for Rubber Floor Mats

    • Chemical Guys CLD70016 Mat Renew Rubber + Vinyl Floor Mat Cleaner And Protectant
    • WeatherTech TechCare Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner
    • McKee's 37 MK37-362 Floor Mat & Cargo Liner Rejuvenator
    • Adam's Polishes Rubber Mat & Liner Cleaner

    The Importance of Quality of Rubber Mats

    How to Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again Image 2

    Note that only quality-made rubber mats will be able to be rejuvenated with a good cleaning. Cheaply-made rubber mats are likely to suffer from wear and tear quickly and need replacing frequently, without the ability to provide a “facelift” to the mat.

    Investing in high-quality rubber floor mats is essential for durability, cost-effectiveness, safety, appearance, environmental impact, and ease of maintenance. By choosing a high-quality rubber flooring company, you can ensure your rubber floor mats last for years to come.

    How Long Do Rubber Floor Mats Last?

    The lifespan of rubber mats can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the quality of the mats, the type of environment they are used in, and the level of activity they endure. On average, high-quality rubber floor mats can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance.

    RubberFlooring4U Offers Top-Quality Rubber Floor Mats

    If you are in the market for top-of-the-line rubber floor mats for your space, RubberFlooring4U has the right products for your home or business. From commercial gym flooring and garage mats to rubber underlayment and home gym rubber mats, we offer top-tier flooring solutions.

    Get in touch with us today to find the best rubber flooring option for you!