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    Gym Rolls - Buyer’s Guide

    Gym Rolls

    Are you opening your own commercial gym? Or are you thinking about turning your basement into your own personal workout space? You may not realize this, but the flooring that you put down is just as important as the equipment you put inside. Before you start buying the machines and weights to fill your space, you need to look into the durable and dependable gym flooring from Rubber Flooring 4U.

    What are Gym Rolls?

    You’ve put a lot of time and a lot of money into creating your gym. So, it only makes sense that you would have a flooring that will help protect your investments.

    If you need to cover your gym floor, then you can’t go wrong with rubber rolls. These rolls can easily cover a large space with a seamless, polished look. They will also help cut down on sound, minimize cleaning, prevent injuries, and protect your subfloor and machines.

    It really doesn’t get any better than rubber flooring rolls for your gym. And the best part? At Rubber Flooring 4U, we offer the best quality at the best price.

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    The Advantages of Gym Rolls

    With all the advantages of rubber flooring rolls, it's easy to see why they are used in so many gyms.

    Here are the advantages you get when you use gym rolls in your commercial gym, personal gym, or studio space:

    Provides comfort

    It isn't comfortable doing floor workouts on a hard bare floor. Rubber flooring provides the comfort you need to make the most out of your workouts.

    Provides safety

    Rubber flooring provides the shock absorption that your joints need. This flooring also provides traction to help prevent any slip and falls.

    Absorbs sound

    There's lots of noise that takes place in gyms like weights that drop, or the sound of a treadmill being used, not to mention chatter from gym-goers. Rubber flooring helps absorb this sound to cut down on the noise.

    Eco friendly

    When you use rubber flooring rolls, you are helping to keep old tires out of the landfill. So, you can be environmentally friendly while keeping your gym floor protected.

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    Gym Tiles vs. Gym Rolls

    By now, you know that rubber flooring is durable, reliable flooring that will stand the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment. So, it’s perfect for your gym. But should you go with the tiles or the rolls? Rubber tiles are known for their easy installation. You just snap the pieces together like you would a puzzle. And you don’t need to use any tape or glue. However, one of the major downsides to gym tiles is that they are more expensive than mats.

    With rubber tiles, you also get the ease of installation, because honestly, rubber flooring is a piece of cake to lay down. But with gym rolls, you can cover a larger area quicker. You won’t have to snap together every single piece together like you would with tiles. Just roll it out, and you’re done.

    So, which flooring is best? You get incredible durability with either flooring option that you choose, but it really comes down to convenience. If you have a large gym space to cover, then rolls are hands down the way to go. If you have a small space though, tiles will work perfectly. It’s that simple.

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    Gym Roll Thickness Options

    Okay, so you've determined that rubber flooring rolls for the gym will work best in your space. Now you have to decide on the thickness that you need. This is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

    ¼ inch thick rubber gym rolls

    • Protects your subfloor from damage caused by heavy treadmills or elliptical machines.

    • Protects your workout equipment from getting scratched up.

    • Protects your floor from damage from light weights.

    • Great for use in high traffic areas.

    8mm inch thick rubber gym roll

    • This is commonly used for commercial gym flooring rolls.

    • Protects flooring against weights that are 50-75 lbs.

    • Most cost-effective because it will be lighter to ship.

    3/8-inch-thick rubber gym roll

    • This is another flooring that is commonly used in commercial gyms.

    • Works best for weights that are 50-75 lbs.

    ½ inch thick rubber gym roll

    • Works best for gyms that have weights over 100 lbs.

    • Not meant to be used in areas where weights will be deliberately dropped on a regular basis.

    • Also used in locker rooms and ice-skating rinks.

    ¾ inch or 1-inch- thick rubber gym rolls

    • These are considered heavy-duty gym flooring rolls.

    • Used where weights of more than 100 lbs. are dropped on a regular basis.

    If you have any questions on what type of thickness that you think you need for your home or commercial gym, just ask! The experts at Rubber Flooring 4U are ready to answer any questions you have.

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    How to Install Gym Rolls?

    We mentioned earlier how easy it is to install these rolls. All it takes is a utility knife, a straight edge, and the type of adhesive that you choose to use like, double sided tape or glue.

    Here's how the installation process will look if you use double sided tape:

    • Make sure your subfloor is clean. There shouldn't be any dirt or debris.

    • Lay out your rolls.

    • Cut them to size needed using a straight edge and sharp utility knife. It is recommended that you leave a small gap to account for expansion and contraction.

    • Pull back the flooring and apply double sided tape to the perimeter.

    • Lay the rubber gym rolls back on top of the double-sided tape.

    Here's how to install your rubber flooring rolls for the gym using glue:

    • Clean your subfloor. You'll also want to make sure there isn't any moisture on it. So, if you mop, make sure you allow for plenty of time for your floor to completely dry.

    • Lay the rolls out however you want them to look.

    • Cut the rolls to the dimension that is needed using a straight edge and a sharp utility knife. Don't forget to leave a small gap for expansion and contraction.

    • Roll up the flooring at one end of the room and apply a ten-foot-long layer of adhesive. Then, unroll ten feet of flooring to lay down into the adhesive. Keep doing this by ten feet at a time until you are finished gluing everything.

    • After the flooring is all glued down, use a roller to make sure it's sticking to the subfloor. If you don't have a roller available, then you can walk on the flooring to make sure it's pressed down evenly and sticking tight.

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    How to Clean and Maintain Gym Rolls?

    You won’t find the flooring that’s easier to install than rubber. Just sweep or vacuum up any dirt or debris on a regular basis.

    When you need to give your flooring a deeper cleaning, you can use a damp mop with a neutral pH cleanser. Make sure you don’t soak the floor and that you change the water on a regular basis.

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    Gym Rolls: Buying Tips

    Be sure to pick a flooring type that fits your budget. For instance, rubber tiles can end up being a little pricier if you have a large space to cover. So, be sure to talk with the experts at Rubber Flooring 4U, so we can help you find a flooring that meets your budget.

    Is waterproofing a priority? Make sure you go with a rubber flooring that’s non-porous.

    Beware of poor-quality materials. Make sure to go for high-quality flooring to prevent any health and safety hazards from possible toxic compounds that could be released.

    Go through customer reviews to get to know more about the material that you are looking at. Search and see if there are any installation pictures so you can see what the final product looks like.

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    Get Started with Gym Floor Rolls Today

    Are you ready for high-quality rubber flooring that will help protect your equipment and your gym-goers? Then you need to give us a call at Rubber Flooring 4U. We are proud to provide the best customer service in the industry at the best prices. We work very closely with our manufacturer to guarantee that our customers are taken care of from start to finish. See the Rubber Flooring 4U difference today! Give us a call at (800) 936-1287 to get started on designing your rubber flooring gym rolls!

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    Gym Rolls FAQs

    Have a question about rubber gym turf rolls? We are happy to answer them. Here are some questions we see the most:

    Are gym rolls waterproof?

    Yes, rubber flooring is waterproof. It doesn't absorb moisture, so it's easier to clean, and it also will help prevent mold and mildew buildup.

    What should I consider when choosing the gym roll color?

    It's important to match the décor you already have, but it's also important to take into account what activities you'll be doing on your floor. For instance, you may want a darker color that won't show dirt and stains as easily.

    What makes rubber flooring rolls good for gyms?

    This flooring has excellent shock absorption. So, if weights are thrown down, these floors will keep them from bouncing back onto you. They will also protect your joints during any high impact exercises and provide the traction you need to keep your feet in place. They are also extremely durable enough to protect your subfloor and are super easy to install.

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